Thank you for supporting Joseph Maldonado-Passage “Joe Exotic”. He has spent many years of his life fighting for the underdog and the little people to make sure they had a voice and now he needs your help fighting for his own life because the Federal Government has taken his voice away by not allowing him to speak to the media to defend himself or prove his innocents.

The U.S. Attorneys office in Oklahoma City knows they conspired with criminals to commit perjury of which they used as witnesses against Joe in order to push an animal rights agenda and shut him down and take his zoo and silence him for the last two years so PETA “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” could sue others out of business.

If Joe really did violate the Endangered Species Act why is he the only one in history charged criminally when the Federal Government is turning their heads while a private non-profit animal rights group such as PETA is civilly suing Tim Stark of Indiana, Dade City Wild Things of Florida and Tri State Zoo of New York for violating the Endangered Species Act just the same as Joe is accused of?

That answer is because Joe didn’t violate any laws, the Former Director of the Federal Wildlife Service and current agents are manipulating the wording of the law to keep Joe in Prison and shut up while they put everyone else except the AZA and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries out of business.

In 2016 the Generic Tiger was put on the ESA by Director Dan Ashe, who also serves as the CEO of the AZA “Association of zoos and Aquariums” to solely discourage breeding and to make private zoos and owners nearly impossible to keep them. In turn the ESA, which was made to protect animals from becoming extinct, is being used as a weapon to make the American Tiger become extinct. Not only is this unethical but illegal to use a government position to create a monopoly.


Joe’s Trial

During Joes Trial the discovery evidence was in the court room proving that the Government and Public Defenders all knew that Allen Glover was lying under oath about Joe giving him a cell phone to travel to Florida because the very cell phone Allen had used had been downloaded by the FBI and the text from that very phone proved he was talking to a female friend and they were discussing where they stole it from which was Joes Pizza Restaurant and Joe knew nothing about it.

Further, lying under oath, Lauren Lowe said that they paid $80,000.00 for the zoo, which everyone knew was a lie because a Federal Court dissolved Joe’s zoo and therefore it couldn’t possibly be sold and the land was put in a company name with Jeff Lowe and Joe’s Mom called the Greater Wynnewood Development Group and was done at the Garvin County Court house with no money exchanged and that is also on the deed.

Then Carole Baskin lied under oath about the copyright suit because she was allowed in the court room the whole time before she testified so she knew how to tie it all together by saying the copy right suit was over me cutting her head off and putting it on vulgar pictures. This because Allen’s testimony was all about the fact that he was paid to cut her head off.  All this was perjury because the copyright suit was right there in court and it was about Carole’s staff killing pet rabbits and laughing about it. Lastly, Erik Cowie lied, just as they all did, about what he was paid when the bank records were right there on the U.S. Attorneys table.

Not only is this all a severe case of obstruction of justice by all attorneys and agents, but to conspire to commit perjury for a false conviction is insane in a Federal Court Room. It is the job of the highest law enforcement agency in the country to find and seek the truth no matter the outcome. Not to orchestrate a production of countless lies with criminals and put an innocent man in prison so they could further a private agenda for an animal rights group.


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